Body Hair Transplantation FUE

Body Hair
Transplantation FUE

The only difference between Body Hair Follicular Unit Extraction (BHFUE) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is that the follicular units instead of being extracted from the scalp, are removed from other parts of the body and utilized as grafts during the opareation. Body Hair Follicular Unit Extraction is a method of hair extraction by which individual follicular units are harvested directly from the beard ,chest ,back and arms which serve as donor area under a local anesthesia without any linear incisions. Specifically hair follicles from the beard are more preferable compared to the previously mentioned areas because, firstly the caliber of the hairs which are harvested from the beard is much larger compared to those removed from the rest body resulting in high coverage .Secondly ,the healing process is quicker compared to that on the scalp causing less degree of scarring as well as minimum hypopigmentation.Ultimately .have longer anagen phase and therefore obtain long enough hairs proving better volume . The body hair follicles which are separated and extracted without the need of blades or stitches and the extraction site will heal within 6 days of the procedure. Hairs used from the beard is an alternative solution for patients with limited donor area and grow at high rates. In addition, can be used for restoring bald areas of the scalp or repairing noticeable scars caused by strip procedures or other reasons with incredible results. FUE body hair transplantation expands the donor area to the body .As such, even patients that are suffering from severe cases of hair loss can achieve cosmetically pleasing results .

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