AK – 10640 hair follicles

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Hair Follicles

A 57 year old patient has been suffering from adrogenetic alopecia for over 35 years. Hair loss has affected the whole scalp while the donor area is in normal condition. Particularly  the hair line had receded a lot ,the middle area of the scalp was very thin while the vertex was completely bald as you can see in the before pictures. The patient underwent a large FUE procedure using a motorized 0.9mm sharp punch. The procedure lasted 2 days and were placed 3049 grafts or 10649 hairs. On average each graft corresponds to 3.49 hairs. The hairs were placed using implanters in pre made lateral recipient sites which were made using 0.6mm ,1.0mm and 1.1mm squared ended blades for single ,2,3,4 haired and 5and 6 haired grafts respectively. The post operative period was smooth and easy for the patient .In the after 15 month period pictures you can see that the patient gained considerable coverage. The naturalness of the hairline is very good and the density in middle area has significantly  increased.

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