Presenting Follysis system at the 22nd ISHRS conference in Malaysia

Presenting Follysis system at the 22nd ISHRS conference in Malaysia


Dr Zontos and his team were presented the Follysis system which Follysis is a specifically designed system including an advanced database with state of the art image analysis , dedicated exclusively to providing the very best in hair restoration treatment planning and patient follow up.


Follysis is in use in Haarklinikken:

  • Provides accurate early hair loss diagnosis

  • Archives detailed patient data

  • Follysis aids the doctor in designing individual patient treatment planning

  • Constantly monitors each patient follow up treatment

  • Quantifies the patient outcome

Follysis accurately calculates

  • The exact number of hairs needed in the recipient area

  • The number of grafts to be harvested

  • The optimal distribution of grafts on the recipient area

  • The precise surface size of donor area to be used


Distribution of hairs and grafts on each of the recipient subareas is based on Follysis consultation.

Follysis offers innovative graphical and measurement analysis tools to quantify the transplant outcome. The physician can now easily highlight, using objectified measurements, the successful transplant outcome. Follysis adds an objective view to the subjective visual inspection.

Designs the treatment planning

Quantifies the outcome

Treatment follow-up

Archives patient data


You are in good hands....